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Scalable HMI system

With widescreen display and CAN interface

Syslogic, manufacturer of industrial control systems, announced another HMI system with widescreen display. It can be equipped with scalable processors and used as a control system or web terminal for industrial environments, depending on the model.

Besides CAN, interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, and EIA-232 are also options (Photo: Syslogic)

Syslogic is now offering its first 10,1-inch touch computer with a 16:10 widescreen display. The HMI system can be equipped with different CPUs depending on its intended use. For control applications requiring a large amount of power, the HMI systems are equipped with the Intel Atom Baytrail CPUs (E3845 1,91 GHz). In the future, the HMI systems will also be available with the Apollolake CPUs. Data are transferred to plants and machines for example via CAN as an option.

If the panel computer is used as a web terminal, e.g. if a SPS system is accessed via FTP, it can be equipped with less powerful platforms such as Raspberry Pi. This makes the panel PC scalable. It can provide each client with the exact power they need.

Syslogic is one of few European companies that develops and produces its HMI systems in house (Photo: Syslogic)

The HMI system can be integrated into the network wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LTE. The devices include a high level of usability due to the multi-touch surface. The front of the devices complies with protection class IP65, and the entire system is shock-proof, vibration-proof, and suitable for temperature ranges from -30 °C to +70 °C. Production-related temperature fluctuations do not have any adverse effect on the touch PC. The HMI system has no rotating parts. It is cooled without a fan and uses industrial flash drives as storage media, thus allowing for maintenance-free operations.


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