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Multi-touch PLC

Awarded by Control Engineering readers

The readers of the Control Engineering magazine have selected the Unistream PLC by Unitronics for the Grand Award 2018. The product provides optionally CANopen connectivity.

The Unistream PLC got the Grand Award 2018, it was selected from 80 finalists (Photo: Unitronics)

First introduced in 2017, the multi-touch PLC (programmable logic controller) provides a 10,4-inch display, which enables the use of gestures using two or more points of contact via mobile device. Multi-touch and two-hand gestures—including pinch and zoom, press and hold, double-tap, and swipe–offer increased operating safety and an improved user experience. Features of this all-in-one PLC include media viewers, real-time streaming protocol, a built-in webserver, a variety of I/O options, auto-tune proportional-integral-derivative (PID), and recipe programs and data logging via data tables and sampling. The PLC provides optionally Bacnet, CANopen, Modbus, and Ethernet-IP interfaces. In addition, the CAN-connectable product supports also Unitronics proprietary UniCAN application layer. Other interfaces include serial ports (EIA-232/485), Ethernet, and USB.

“Winning this Engineers’ Choice Award confirms that we are succeeding to create innovative new controllers that fill a real need in the market,” stated proudly Unitronics. “We strive to provide the best possible user experience and industry-leading customer service. We are honored by the consistent, strong support from our end-users.”


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