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Operator panel

The CAN interface supports Devicenet and J1939

The CR3000 panel family by Red Lion Controls is optionally equipped with a CAN interface. No external gateway is needed.

The CR3000 human machine interface is suitable for CAN-based in-vehicle networks (Photo: Red Lion Controls)

The recently introduced embedded network modules include support for Devicenet (Group 2 server) and J1939 higher-layer protocols. The user can also implement proprietary application layer protocols. There are more than 300 software drivers available for the CR3000 operator panel.

Combining an HSPA+ cellular module with the HMI device provides customers with a solution to monitor and control remote equipment. The use of high-speed cellular networks eliminates expensive site visits and allows users to receive critical device and performance data in real-time. The operator panel can be used not just for vehicle applications, but also for building automation applications such as lift control, embedded door controls, and HVAC equipment.


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