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Coming with J1939 connectivity

The 7-inch C-Com 7GT display and the 10,4-inch capacitive touchscreen from Ametek (USA) are equipped with a CAN interface as well as USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth ports.

The shown 7-inch TFT LCD and the 10,4-inch sister are IP67-rated (Photo: Ametek)

The SAE J1939 compatible interface can run 250 kbit/s or 500 kbit/s. Additionally, they feature GPS functionality. The products are designed to withstand harsh conditions typical of off-road environments. The meet the SAE J1113 and J1455 requirements for vehicular instrumentation and come in an IP67-rated enclosure.

The TFT liquid crystal display supporting 262000 colors provides five dimmable LED icons for critical data, three of them dual-color capable with red or amber. The real-time clock has up to 11 days of backup timekeeping with no battery connection. Audio and video capabilities allow for support of in vehicle training videos, utilizing existing speakers in the vehicle cab. There are also eight push buttons.

The 10,4-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels (4:3 format). It has two CAN interfaces with J1939 protocol support. The product comes with up to three video inputs and supports audio streaming as well as direct pass-through. There are also switches to battery inputs and to ground outputs (one can be configured as a pulse width modulated output). Other local inputs include up to 12 analog once and two frequency ports.

All the displays need to be programmed. A Linux operating system comes with them. The supplier has the engineering resources for complex graphics design. It can do the software development in a partnership with a customer, either developing the software with customer input or helping the customer to develop the software. According to Ametek, the company uses design tools that are flexible and powerful to make sure customers have exactly what they want.

The 2-inch gauges integrates a graphic display (Photo: Ametek)

Ametek produces the C-Com 2G gauge instruments with integrated 2-inch displays. They also feature J1939 connectivity. Although they are off-the-shelf products, tey are configurable to customer-specific application. Backlight colors, application specific graphics, and decals can all be changed. The LCDs have a resolution of 106 by 56 pixels. They have a three-button interface with dead-fronted LED warning indicators (amber or red). Optionally, the products are equipped with a switch-to-ground output (500 mA) and one analog input.


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