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3,5-inch display

The housing is IP66- and IP67-rated

The Veecan 320 by Veethree Instruments provides CAN (J1939), USB, and EIA-232 connectivity.

The display is in sunlight viewable (Photo: Veethree Instruments)

The front is IP66-rated and the back is IP67-rated. This makes the 3,5-inch display suitable for commercial vehicles. The CAN-connectable device provides seven analog inputs, three digital inputs, and four switched outputs. It features an internal buzzer. There are two CAN channels supporting J1939 messages as well as OEM-specific CAN frames.

The color display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution is sunlight viewable. It is based on Freescale’s iMX 286 processor running at 454 MHz. The flash memory has a capacity of 128 MiB. Application programmers can use the provider’s SDK (software developers kit) and software library. Software can be tested on the PC with the built-in on-screen PC simulator. The U.S. company also provides program development services: “We undertake the work, test the code, and deliver a fully functioning end product in a short lead-time.”


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