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CAN rotary

Screen navigation allows blind operation

Danfoss Power Solutions has introduced its first CAN rotary device, the HMR CAN Rotary, as part of its Plus+1 family of mobile machine management products. It features J1939.

The product is ideal for machines like road rollers, compact wheel loaders, concrete pavers, telehandlers and more (Photo: Danfoss)

HMR CAN Rotary offers five-finger control with seven large push-buttons and one central “select” button. This allows for “blind operation,” keeping operators’ eyes on the road. Plus, the device is engineered to withstand the rugged demands of off-highway applications. It features mechanical, electrical, and Ingress Protection specifications — meeting IP66 and IP67 ratings — and is suitable for installation in open and enclosed cabs. The buttons and rotary are designed to hold up for more than 1 million cycles.

With rotary, operators will no longer need to reach the display for full functionality. This gives OEMs greater overall design flexibility, said the company. Displays can now be placed wherever it makes the most design sense, rather than based on where the operator can reach it, potentially improving the line of sight.

OEMs can tailor the product to coordinate with their existing machine’s branding and design. The indicator lights, button backlights, and rotary backlight are all equipped with RGB LED lights. This allows for countless color options with adjustable light intensity and frequency. Each button graphic can be customized to best fit application needs.

“We’ve seen a growing trend in the on-highway industry for bringing display screen navigation closer to the operator, and we’re excited to provide our customers with a modern solution designed for off-highway machines,” said Darren Magner, Product Manager, Displays and CAN Keypads. “Considering the ergonomic and safe-operation benefits, it’s a great added value for both OEMs and end-users.”


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