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Isobus terminal

Amazone, with its Amatron 4, introduced a tablet style Isobus terminal. This fourth generation of Amatron comes with a 8-inch multi-touch color display.

With the Amatron 4 and its 8-inch multi-touch color display, Amazone has developed an Isobus terminal that makes comfortable operation on the move a matter of course (Photo: Amazone)

The low-reflection display enables readability and handling. The operation can be carried out both, either via the 12 soft-keys or via the switch areas on the touch display. In addition there are three one-touch keys enabling the switch over between machine, GPS function and back to the main menu.

Also, just a finger swipe enables the operator to navigate through the operational menu. A configurable status bar along the top of the screen displays the chosen parameters and information tabs all the time, no matter which menu or sub menu one is in. Thanks to the start menu, also changes to the most important settings are made and any job data can be imported or exported. In addition, a practical mini-view display helps always to have in sight the most important machine settings, exactly there where it matters.

To enable the full utilization of the 8-inch multi-touch color display so that it displays the entire screen surface, the switch areas in the touch display automatically appear or hide. Via a proximity sensor located at the front of Amatron4, the screen detects a hand approaching for operation and so the 12 switch areas are shown. A light sensor in the product changes automatically the view, depending on the light conditions, between day and night modes and constantly matches the display brightness to the ambient conditions.

When making use of the Amacam software license, the optionally available reversing camera is switched on when reversing; Any need for an inconvenient switch over is avoided (Photo: Amazone)

To meet all demands, the company offers the potential to unlock a variety of fee-based software licenses. These include GPS-Switch basic or GPS-Switch pro automatic headland and part width section control, GPS-Maps&Doc documentation and job management software, GPS-Track parallel driving aid and Amacam for the use of a camera. These are already pre-installed so that no additional software is necessary.

Any of these applications can be initially tested free of charge for 50 hours. Only then does one have to decide whether permanent activation is required. Particularly the documentation and job management function, GPS-Maps&Doc, has been thoroughly developed further and provides a practical-oriented operation enabling handling of jobs. As soon as tractor and machine are reversed, the optional reversing camera Amacam is automatically shown on the display.


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