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With J1939 interface

Displays show diesel engine data

The CANarmatur by EHB (Germany) is a display with J1939 connectivity. It is suitable for diesel engine control systems.

The CANarmatur is used by Kohler-Lombardini, for example (Photo: EHB)

The management system for diesel engines by Kohler-Lombardini uses the CANarmatur display. It shows oil pressure, temperature, target and actual speed, operating hours, and more. This data is received by means of the CAN-based J1939 interface. The J1939 control system ensures economical fuel consumption. The KDI 3404 TCR diesel engine by Kohler-Lombardini features a maximum torque of 640 Nm at 1400 rotations per minute. It is used, for example, in tractors and compaction rollers.

Olaf Gerbering is now responsible for sales and marketing (Photo: EHB)

The CANarmatur can receive and decode all values provided by the powertrain system and shows them on its backlit display with automatic contrast adjustment. The device can be configured in order to show just a subset of the available data. All relevant engine parameters are visible and controllable at a glance. In practice, up to 15 percent of fuel consumption could be saved.

Recently, the display supplier has nominated a second managing director. Olaf Gerberding leads the company together with Bernd Reinmold. He has over 24 years of experience in the automation industry and control technology. His primary task is to align the sales activities to new national and international business fields. He is also responsible for purchasing and marketing. The company offers also the Smartdisplay series in different sizes and the Smartmodul host controllers. They come also with J1939 interfaces.


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