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Bauma 2019

Joystick with Oled display

At Bauma 2019, FSG (Germany) exhibited a joystick prototype with an Oled display integrated in the handle. The IP54-rated product provides CAN connectivity.

The joystick prototype with integrated display is CAN connectable (Photo: FSG)

Fernsteuergeraete (FSG) Kurt Oelsch has developed a joystick prototype with a grip handle showing the proportional values of the displacement on the integrated Oled (organic light-emitting diode) display. The Oled technology does not need backlights and can be used also under low ambient light conditions.

The integrated Oled can be used for different purposes (Photo: FSG)

The integrated display can be used to show the joystick deflection. Another option is to display important machine state information. The display also can present company logo of the machine builder or the end customer. Software updates and configurations are possible via the CAN interface. This enables to customize keys and buttons or the display.


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