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Equipping wheel loader

Multifunctional display and central electrical unit

The WA100M-8 wheel loader by Komatsu is the manufacturer’s first machine to be equipped with CAN-based components from Wuerth Elektronik ICS.

The display, central electrical unit, and relay box of the Komatsu WA100M‐8 were designed by Wuerth Elektronik ICS (Photo: Wuerth Elektronik ICS)

Wuerth is supplying Komatsu with a display with enhanced functionalities and a customer-specific GUI (graphical user interface) for the driver’s cab. A solution for power distribution, signal transfer, and function control was also developed in order to reduce the cable harness in the machine.

The customized solution comprises a central electrical unit with an ICCS 64P V2 CAN controller and a relay box with ICCS PropCAN. The display of the Komatsu wheel loader is based on the Wecabin Display i7 by Wuerth Elektronik ICS. The Wecabin Display i7 is a display specially designed for mobile machines and commercial vehicles with a range of interfaces. With an ARM Cortex-A8 processor with 512 MiB RAM, 4 GiB flash drive, and a Linux-based operating system, it is powerful enough for complex controlling tasks and features a GUI. This was programmed specially by Wuerth Elektronik ICS according to Komatsu’s design specifications.

Reduced cable harness

A CAN-capable central electrical unit and a relay box were also developed by Wuerth Elektronik ICS for the new machine generation. The PCB-based integrated solution with its self-programmed ICCS modules (intelligent control and command systems) has replaced the previous hardwired system. With the solution from Wuerth Elektronik ICS, Komatsu has reduced the size of the wiring harness and shortened assembly times.

The central electrical unit is located in the cab. It protects, controls, and monitors different vehicle functions and establishes the connection to the display. The control functions are executed by an ICCS 64P V2 controller which is integrated in the central electrical unit. The control unit acts as a gateway module and enables data exchange between two independent CAN networks: the one of the engine control, as well as the one of the ICCS 64P V2 controller and the display. The relay box is integrated in the battery compartment. Different fuses and relays that switch and protect the starter, glow plug, and battery are located in the relay box, as well as an ICCS PropCAN relay to control the hydraulic cooling fan.


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