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Display with 5 keys

Operating device in an IP67-rated enclosure

The Gst-E101-101 human machine interface is dedicated for mobile machines. It provides CAN connectivity.

The operating device is equipped with one key-switch and an emergency stop (Source: Graf-Syteco)

Graf-Syteco located in Tuningen (Germany) provides a range of human machine interfaces. This includes touch screens in different sizes and equipped with additional keys. The Gst-E101-101 is, for example, a 10-1-inch display featuring five illuminated short-stroke keys. The resolution is 1280 pixels by 800 pixels. Additionally, the IP67-rated device comes with one key-switch and an emergency stop. The dimensions are 309 mm x 182,5 mm x 61,5 mm. The product is programmable by means of the company’s GSE-Visu software package.


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