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Isobus communication for terminals

Topcon Agriculture uses Isobus universal terminal and task controller functionality for its Opus A6 and A8 displays.

Both terminals have CAN options (Source: Topcon Agriculture)

The industry standard universal terminal function provides compatibility with a range of Isobus-compliant ECUs (electronic control units) and includes additional functionality such as AUX-N support. The task controller is designed to allow the control of multiple products with variable rate along with section control across multiple booms.

“The Isobus-compatible Opus A6 and A8 provide farmers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) extreme flexibility and unmatched control,” said Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture.

For OEMs, the addition of Isobus to the Opus A6 and A8 is designed to add another dimension to the existing hardware and software development platform, Topcon said. It comes with multiple programming options, which cater to the OEM needs using the Opus Projektor.


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