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Dash-mounted displays for CAN

In powertrain, chassis or engine development, motorsport applications or other, it is often useful to be able to display live CAN data. There are two options to consider from Kvaser’s partners.

(Source: Kvaser, Influx Technologies, New Eagle)

With the right combination of software and a rugged, sunlight-readable display, engine parameters can all be made available in real-time and in an easier-to read-format than the raw .dbc files. Such parameters could be: throttle position, speed, emissions, fluid pressures, and temperatures, to chassis-related data such as wheel travel and speed, ride height, tyre pressure and temperature.

The Influx Technologies Rebel Dash; With a straightforward mounting system, there can be monitored vehicle CAN data graphically within minutes (Source: Influx Technologies)
The VeeCAN 800 unit is completely sealed to IP66 (front) and IP67 (back) making it electronically and environmentally rugged to meet the challenges of providing instrumentation for harsh environments (Source: New Eeagle)

There are two options to consider from Kvaser’s partners:

The Influx Technologies Rebel Dash is a rugged, high brightness 3,5-inch CAN display which has integrated inputs and outputs. Designed for integration with Influx’s Rebel data-loggers and K-Box instrumentation, it can also be used as a standalone CAN display. Users can simply load the DBC description file into the configuration utility, select the items that should be available for display and configure the Dash via USB or a supported Kvaser device.

The second option is the VeeCAN 800 from New Eagle. It is a 7-inch, waterproof touchscreen display. With two USB ports and support for 14 analog inputs, four digital inputs, eight outputs, two CAN connections, and Ethernet, this display is compatible with Raptor. Raptor is New Eagle’s embedded model-based development platform, and the Matlab Simulink graphical programming environment for creating, editing, and debugging the display software.


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