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Weighing display

Coming optionally with CANopen

The BX30 Plus and BX30D Plus devices display the result of weighing processes. The front panel is IP67-rated.

The terminals can be used in wet, hygienic, and harsh industrial areas (Source: Baykon)

Baykon (Turkey) has introduced the BX30 Plus and BX30D Plus terminals. They provide optionally a CAN interface and CANopen protocol stack. An on-board Ethernet port is available by default. These weighing indicators are programmable for weighing, labeling, check-weighing, classifying, filling, peak hold, and dynamic weighing applications. Three user programmable keys can be set for user applications. The instrument has four memory functions: ID1, ID2, preset tare, item limit values; each has a capacity of 500 records.

The released products can be electronically calibrated. They support customized labeling with barcodes. The CANopen interface enables communication with other devices by the manufacturer, e.g. weighing devices. The network can also be used to extend the local I/O ports by means on CANopen I/O devices.


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