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Displaying with Raspberry Pi

MHS-Elektronik (Germany) connected a Raspberry PI to a display in order to show on-board diagnostic data.

OBD display (Source: MHS-Elektronik)

The complete article is published in the December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2019. This is just an excerpt.

In an open-source project Klaus Demlehner from MHS-Eletronik developed a software running on a Raspberry PI module. With this CAN connectable hardware, the user can display OBDII data. The open-source project is hosted on Github and the software is licensed under the MIT license. The project homepage describes the compilation, the required hardware, and the packages to be installed. The article in the CAN Newsletter magazine provides a list of supported PIDs (parameter identifier).

The open-source app runs under Linux PC and is written in C. GTK+ is used as GUI (graphical user interface). The sources of the (Tiny CAN application programmer interface) are included in the TinyCAN software package and is not part of the open-source repository.

If you like to read the complete article you can download it free-of-charge or you download the entire magazine.


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