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Latest Isobus-capable solutions

Isobus is a CAN-based solution standardized in the ISO 11783 series. It finds a great acceptance in agricultural applications. This article informs about current Isobus-related developments.

Seed drill calibration via Twinterminal or Myseeder-App (Source: Amazonen-Werke)

Amazonen-Werke offers the Myseeder-App for seed drill calibration via smartphone. The driver registers via the App and connects to the seed drill via Bluetooth. The Isobus-capable Twinterminal HMI of the seed drill is then operable via the App. Such parameters as seed rate, calibration area, and driving speed may be monitored and calibrated. Also, the calibration sack or calibration tray may be positioned. A variety of the manufacturer’s seed drills (e.g. Cirrus, Primera, DMC, Citan, Condor) already use the App. At Agritechnica 2019, Amazonen-Werke launched the Precea precision air seeder. It may be operated and monitored via the manufacturer’s Isobus-capable terminals or other suitable commercially-available Isobus terminals. Programmable buttons and status displays allow individual adaptation of the operating interface.

LB436 HD large baler (Source: Case IH)

Case IH expanded the baler offering with the LB436 HD. It has a bale chamber for 500 kg per bale and performs a baling with more than 40 tons per hour. The baler meets the Isobus 3 standard (tractor speed control and overload management) so that its user interface may be accessed via any Isobus-compatible terminal.

Fendtone control platform (Source: Fendt)

Fendt introduced the Isobus-capable operating control concept Fendtone unveiled on the Fendt 700 Vario tractor. The end-to-end control platform is operable in the tractor cab, or from another location (e.g. office). By means of the platform users may plan their orders and field data on a PC or a smart device, and transfer them to the tractor via a mobile network. The tractor provides an Isobus connector at the front. This means that front and rear attachments may be driven via Isobus controlling the attachments centrally on the armrest.

((PHOTO 04)) CCI 1200 Isobus terminal (Source: Poettinger)

Poettinger’s CCI 1200 Isobus terminal enables operation of Isobus-compatible machines regardless of manufacturer. The display has a touchscreen and may be positioned horizontally or vertically. Integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness. The screen may be split, so that several applications are displayed simultaneously in different sized windows. A camera image may be displayed alongside with the machine data.

GFX-350 display (Source: Trimble Agriculture)

Trimble Agriculture (former Mueller Elektronik, Germany) launched the Android-based GFX-350 display. Equipped with Isobus compatibility, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity it allows to tackle farming applications across diverse equipment brands.


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