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CAN touch panel for limited space

Sigmatek has added the ETT 412 to its capacitive touch panel series. The 4,3-inch human machine interface (HMI) communicates via CAN.

The product comes with a surface of 95 mm x 54 mm (Source: Sigmatek)

The touch panel is suitable for operating and monitoring tasks in confined spaces as well as for mobile applications such as automated guided vehicle systems in logistics. The device in widescreen format is equipped with a TFT graphic display, with a resolution of 480 pixels x 272 pixels. On an active surface area of 95 mm x 54 mm, diverse data can be displayed. The single-touch screen enables operation of machines and systems: Input is detected with a touch of the display surface.

The panel communicates via CAN with the programmable logic controller (PLC) or additional HMIs with a data rate of up to 1 Mbit/s. With its design and the installation depth of 35,5 mm, the product can be built directly into the machine or control cabinet. The glass front with IP65 protection and black anodized aluminum frame makes the panel ready for use in harsh industrial environments.

In addition to this product, the company offers CAN-capable multitouch panels in widescreen and 4:3 format from 7 inches to 23,8 inches.


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