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Computer-on-module for home and industrial applications

F&S Elektronik Systeme (Germany) expanded its portfolio by the Picocore RT1 compact-size controller (35 mm x 40 mm) with two CAN interfaces.

Picocore RT1 computer-on-module weighs 10 g (Source: F&S)

The computer-on-module integrates the 600‑MHz i.MX RT1050 ARM Cortex‑M7 from NXP. For the internal working memory an SDRAM is available. For the program memory an SPI-connectable flash memory is offered. Additionally, an external SD-card slot is provided. The two 80‑pin connectors enable using a variety of interfaces on the base-board. Beside two CAN ports, the possible interfaces include Ethernet, two USB, four I2C, two SPI, two UART, audio in/out, etc.

A 16‑bit RGB (red-green-blue) interface is provided for control of TFTs (thin‑film transistor) displays up to WXGA resolution. For the connection of a PCAP touch panel, one of the I2C interfaces can be used. RTC (real time clock) is integrated as well. Requiring a power supply of 5 V, the device typically consumes less than 1 W. The possible temperature range is 0 °C to +70 °C or -40 °C to +85 °C.

The Freertos operating system is already prepared for development by the customer’s software team. The supplier also offers customer‑specific boards based on the mentioned CPU and supports the customers while project development. The offered starter kit is shipped with the base-board, a 7‑inch TFT display, a cable kit, as well as the access data to documentation and software. The board is planned to be available until at least 2030.


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