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HMI and PLC in one

Spectra developed the controllers of the Unistream series. In addition to a touch display and the controller, they combine numerous sets of analog and digital inputs and outputs in a housing. To the 5-inch and 7-inch models, the 10-inch display has been added.

Additional components can be integrated via CANopen (Source: Spectra)

For system integrators, all-in-one PLCs (programmable logic controllers) offer a particularly convenient way to implement interactive control tasks. If the appropriate programming software is also included in the package, implementing the tasks can be enabled.

In the graphically-oriented programming software Unilogic Studio from the company, which is included free of charge when purchasing a Unistream PLC. With this software package, users can program both the HMI (human machine interface) and the controller. If the number of built-in I/Os is not enough, it can be expanded to a total of 2 048 remote I/Os via Ethernet. Additional fieldbus components from other manufacturers can be integrated via CANopen or Modbus RTU/TCP.

The series of products come with MQTT protocol support, with the help of which messages can be both published and subscribed to. This enables cloud functionality. Furthermore, SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, e-mail, and communication via GSM/GPRS modem are supported.


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