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Six LED indicators

Wuerth Elektronik ICS (Germany) has introduced a CAN-connectable display featuring six configurable symbols.

The 6-Way-Symbol-Cluster comes with a CAN interface and one additional digital input and output (Source: Wuerth Elektronik ICS)

The six LEDs are controlled via the CAN interface. The product also provides one digital input and one digital sinking output. They are mapped to CAN data frames. Default setting of the CAN interface is 500 kbit/s, configurable also to 100 kbit/s, 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s, or 1 Mbit/s. The users can configure the CAN-IDs (11-bit or 29-bit).

The front-end is IP54-rated. The 21-gram display consumes 100 mA, when all six LEDs are on. Symbols and colors are customer-specific. The LEDs get turned on for two seconds, or there is no activation at startup.

The value of the supply voltage can be sent by means of a two-byte CAN data frame. This feature can be activated on a configurable data frame or can be deactivated. The status can either be broadcasted over a user-configurable CAN data frame or it is not sent at all. One LED dimming value can be set between 10 percent and 90 percent. It can be activated through a command sent via the CAN network. Each LED can be illuminated through a configurable CAN data frame. The digital commands use a two-bit coding equivalent to the SAE J1939-21 specification.

The configuration is supported by means of the WE Flasher Tool. The company also supplies other CAN-connectable devices such as host controllers and cabin displays.


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