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Isobus terminal for implement control

Mueller-Elektronik presented the Isobus terminal Smart570 as manufacturer-independent entry-level device. It complies with the Isobus standard series ISO 11783 and is AEF-certified.

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The company reported the start of series production for the Isobus terminals. The device ist OEM-independent (original equipment manufacturer) and can be integrated in Isobus networks in tractors as well as implements. According to the supplier, the terminal is designed to be particularly user-friendly with its easy-to-use functions.

The company offers customized branding of the start screen and stickers for the terminal, even for small numbers of units (Source: Mueller-Elektronik)

The operating and display unit complies with Isobus standard ISO 11783. As a universal terminal (UT) it can be used on all Isobus implements, regardless of the manufacturer. The terminal is equipped with a capacitive 5,7-inch display to view the connected implement, even in bright sunlight and offers a resolution of 640 pixels x 480 pixels. Work screens with up to 12 softkeys can be shown on the display. The terminal is operated either via touch screen, membrane keyboard, or rotary encoder.

With the protection class IP67 the product can be used in an extended temperature range from -20 °C to +65 °C and outside of a cab. As a result, this terminal is suitable for applications, such as in orchards or vineyards and in the special machine and construction vehicle area.

The touch operation of the terminal ensures data inputs while preparing for operation. A membrane keypad and additional incremental rotary encoder enable control during operation. The functions of connected AUX-N devices can be assigned to the keys of AUX-N operating device in a convenient editor. The integrated tractor ECU (electronic control unit) can read basic signals via sensors. Speed and work position signals are evaluated and displayed in the form of a small dashboard. The terminal is connected directly via the wired CPC connector to the In-Cab socket of the tractor.

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) is an independent organization founded on October 28th 2008 by seven international agriculture equipment manufacturers and two associations. Farmers often buy equipment from different manufacturers. But due to a lack of information regarding functionalities and compatibility of Isobus products, both reliability and the full potential of Isobus combinations could only be guaranteed by purchasing all equipment from the same manufacturer. With the AEF Isobus Database the organization seeks to establish and maintain transparency regarding the functionalities supported by specific products and their compatibility with others. Thus customers are able to gather the relevant information prior to a purchase and choose a specific Isobus combination tailored to their needs. 


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