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CANopen display with customizable symbols

Winstar (Taiwan) released the CAN-TFT display from the company’s Smart Display CAN series. The device offers a CANopen interface with suitable development equipment.

The displays are designed for applications in harsh conditions such as automotive, marine, power generation, as well as oil and gas (Source: Winstar)

The introduced product supports the standard UI (user interface) displayed objects (symbols). The company also offers to include customer-defined UI objects. Up to 12 interactive symbols can be combined. The UI objects can be designed using the company’s GUI builder. The latter offers a Windows-based IDE (integrated development environment) for simulation of the displayed functions on a PC.

The display implements the CANopen communication layer functionality with a CANopen object dictionary. Controlled by the host device via the CANopen network, it shows the requested content on the display and returns the touch-event data using CANopen objects. The device supports 250 kbit/s as a default bit-rate. The demo set host software can be used on multiple platforms e.g. on a PC, MCU (micro-controller unit), or Raspberry Pi.

GUI builder user interface (Source: Winstar)

Among others, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth interfaces are supported. The device with a splash-protected touch screen offers a power-on self-test and requires a power supply of 5 VDC. It is dedicated for control applications in harsh operating conditions such as automotive, marine, power generation, as well oil and gas.


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