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Various product variants

CAN keypads and rotary joysticks

EAO enhanced its Series 09 CAN modules with product variants that offer IP67 front protection and white symbol illumination. They all come with interchangeable legends and differ in halo illumination features, communication protocols, and connector types.

The products are available in a range of different variants and are suitable for public service, construction, and agricultural vehicles (Source: EAO)

The modules provide digital communication with micro-controllers, sensors, and other devices in construction and agricultural equipment as well as in vehicles and machines for special applications. CAN speeds up installation by digitally interconnecting micro-controllers, sensors, and other devices in vehicular applications, and increases reliability by doing away with the need for a conventional multi-strand wiring loom, explained the company why choosing CAN.

The variants of the product allow designers to specify only the HMI (human machine interface) features they actually need for their vehicle application. Typical application areas are roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors, loaders, dozers and excavators, cranes, dump trucks and crawler drills, fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, road sweepers, cleaning vehicles and refuse trucks, snow removers and groomers, as well as agricultural vehicles and equipment. The actuators and indicators are protected up to IP67 and work at operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. The back-panel depth and clip-in or screw-in mounting allow installation, either vertically or horizontally.

The CAN rotary joystick (Source: EAO)

Announcing availability of the enhancements to the Series 09 product family Robert Davies, Marketing Manager at EAO, said that the company is now able to offer six-way keypad modules compliant with CAN, J1939, and CANopen protocols. “All Series 09 devices benefit from front IP67 sealing, interchangeable legends, and a choice of RGB or single-color halo illumination”, Davies said.

“Fully validated and certified safety-rated variants of the new Series 09 CAN bus keypads and the rotary cursor controller joystick module are in the pipeline”, Davies continued. “Slated to be available early in 2022, EAO has designed these particular variants in accordance with EN ISO 13849 PLD and ISO 26262 ASIL B functional safety standards”.


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