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CAN HMI for CAN board

Garz & Fricke (Germany) introduced the Tanaro 7.0 BX PCT, the latest addition to its existing series of human machine interfaces (HMIs). The HMI is based on the company’s Tanaro board which features a galvanic-isolated Classical CAN interface.

(Source: Garz & Fricke)

Equipped with the latest processor generation (NXP i.MX 8M Mini ARM Cortex), the HMI is particularly suitable for applications that require high performance, explained the company. This integrated HMI solution in panel-mount format can be used both for user interaction in the actual application and for central control. The applied board is the result of a joint product development between Garz & Fricke and processor module provider Keith & Koep, which has been part of the Garz & Fricke Group since the beginning of 2020. Further HMIs based on the Tanaro board are planned. The board features a galvanic-isolated Classical CAN interface.

The seven-inch HMI features an i.MX 8M Mini processor generation from NXP. The processor is manufactured in the 14 nm Finfet process. The display features resolution of 1024 pixels x 600 pixel and a capacitive touchscreen for user interaction. Multiple connectivity options such as one CAN, EIA-232, EIA-485, multiple USBs as well as Ethernet and integrated Wifi/BT are provided. The CAN interface of the HMI complies with ISO 11898. The integrated Mipi-CSI camera interface also offers the option to integrate camera solutions. This allows applications such as image processing and evaluation to be implemented.

The Tanaro 7.0 BX PCT is a general-purpose product for use in various products such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It is designed for use in rough environments and is suited for user interaction as well as for control tasks, explained the company. The product can be customized for any applications.


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