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Isobus joystick

Controls for agriculture machines

Intuitive operation of machines is becoming increasingly important for farm businesses, explained Poettinger. This is why the Austrian company has introduced its latest controls. One with Isobus and one without.

The Isobus joystick in action; it enables to control Isobus machines (Source: Poettinger)

The Isobus AUX CCI A3 joystick enables to control Isobus-equipped machines. The function keys can be allocated freely and are separated by ridges. This avoids operator errors, explained the company. Haptic feedback and icons displayed on the keys are provided. Different grids with eight to ten keys provide the layout for each application and can be swapped around in seconds, said the company. The joystick is available as an option on Poettinger Jumbo 7000 and 8000 series loader wagons, Impress PRO balers and Novacat V 10000 mowers. Another control which has been introduced is the Select Control terminal. It doesn’t come with Isobus.


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