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Display connectable with J1939

Ametek Vis (USA) has released the C-Com 3AD Gauge. The stand-alone gauge dashboard display is 3-inch and communicates via CAN.

THE MODULE CAN BE CONNECTED DIRECTLY to an J1939 network. The gauge is also designed to accept a pulsed input or a NMEA-0183 GPS received on its USB input. It features a multi-function, backlit, 13-segment, 7-digit alphanumeric liquid crystal display. This display can provide odometer and hourmeter information, tachometer, coolant temperature or other vehicle information. Gauge decals can be customized or chosen from standard decals. With the addition of optional external buttons, the gauge’s menu system can be expanded to include additional vehicle data, two resettable trip mileage and hours functions, diagnostic fault codes and warning messages. As a GPS speedometer, the product can monitor vehicle speed without wheel or drive train sensors. Two optional dead-fronted LED telltale indicators can be customized per application and controlled by switched inputs or J1939 network.

The display is sealed to IP67 specifications and designed to withstand harsh conditions of off-road environments. It meets J1455 and J113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation. It operates on 9 VDC to 32 VDC and includes multi-option inputs than can be used for resistive, analog, pulsed or USB inputs. Applications of the device include among others heavy trucks, military vehicles, buses, coaches and recreational vehicles, forklifts, wheel loaders and skid steers, cranes, road-building and construction equipment, earth-moving and mining vehicles, utility and emergency vehicles, and farm and agricultural vehicles, as well as stationary engine instrumentation.

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