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Display with J1939 connectivity

Ametek VIS' (USA) C-COM 2G display (CAN-Communicator 2-inch Graphic Display) can show data as text or graphics, as specified by the customer. The gauge can be used exclusively or as a complement to existing instrumentation by connecting it to an J1939 network.

When monitoring the vehicle, the instrument reports speed, engine hours, engine oil PSI (pounds per square inch), engine temperature, battery voltage, turbo boost pressure, transmission oil temperature, and alerts the driver to potentially unsafe conditions. It also can provide fuel economy, predictive cruise control, and tire-pressure monitoring information. Additionally, the device can be customized to provide specific vehicle function information.

The backlit LCD display measures 106 x 56 pixels; a dead-fronted warning indicator is positioned above the graphic display window. Three backlit switches with tactile feedback provide a user interface. Backlighting can be red, green, blue amber, or white. The warning indicator can be red or amber. The gauge is sealed to IP67 specifications both front and rear. It operates from 9 VDC to 32 VDC and includes a switch-to-ground output of 500 mA that can be used to control an external annunciator, relay, or other device. An optional analog input is available for increased flexibility. Designed to withstand harsh conditions typical of off-road environments, the display gauge meets J1455 and J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation.

Applications of the device include among others heavy trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles, forklifts, wheel loaders, and skid steers. Other possibilities are cranes, road-building, and construction equipment, earth-moving, mining, utility, emergency, farm and agricultural vehicles.

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