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Displays read and process CAN data on demand

The display range of RM Michaelides (Germany) has been extended with four display models in the 3100 display series. Configurable application testing makes the displays a solution for applications in which CAN data needs to be read and processed in objects on demand.

TWO INDIVIDUALLY CONFIGURABLE CAN INTERFACES enable CAN message recording and gateway implementation. In addition, four analog inputs, three digital outputs and one USB port are available. The analog inputs are used, among other things, for monitoring purposes (e.g. fuel consumption) and event-triggered actions.
If a preset value is reached (lower or higher), inputs and outputs communicate and trigger specific messages and actions. The USB port provides update solutions for configuration files or firmware updates. The displays feature a voltage input of 8 V
to 36 V for temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 65 °C, thus providing flexible implementation in industrial and mobile environments. The display hardware is adapted for a direct connection to at least one analog camera. Depending on the user’s requirements, display types are available for the connection of up to three cameras.

With a resolution of 800 pixel x 480 pixel and a depiction of over 260 000 colors, the displays offer one-to-one reproduction of images, graphics and live recordings of all kinds. The direct CAN data processing during test drives and the enhanced visualization based on individual configuration settings encompass added usefulness. The displays include the "RMsys Configurator Software", which eliminates programming, since all functions and the entire design can be configured. Signal processing and event analysis in particular provide additional service.

The housing features a plastic and silicon base for improved look, haptic and installation properties. A touch screen version is also available. Display and keys are illuminated to ensure comfortable operation, even at night. There are four different models to choose from, depending on operating and location requirements. Touch screen or keyboard operation, a combination of both, as well as an alternative display screen without direct device operation are available.

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