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HMI and PLC with CANopen interface

Gefran (Italy) has presented the GCube system combining human machine interface and programmable logic controller functionality. Besides the CANopen interface, the device features the company’s Ethernet interface solution. The product’s dimension is optimized for embedded machine control.

THERE ARE FOUR VERSIONS: GCube Modula as well as GCube Advanced for advanced automation cells, GCube Compact for small and medium machines, and GCube Fit for customized applications. The combined HMI and PLC come with screens in both horizontal and vertical versions. The customer can choose between 3,5-, 6,5-, 7-, 10-, 12,1-, or 15-inch displays. The device is equipped with an ARM or x86 micro-controllers. The Ethernet port is used to facilitate data export and communication with high-level systems and USB ports to import/export data in situations, in which an Ethernet connection is not available.
The CANopen interface is used for local I/O extensions. This includes sensors, drives, power units, PID temperature controllers available from the Italian company. The device is programmable by means of the GF_Project development environment that includes libraries of functions for creating applications to record data, trends, alarm histories, PID temperature control, serial control, and data encryption.

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