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HMI computers

Vehicle-mountable HMI computers

Intermec (USA) has announced the CV41 and CV61 HMI computers designed to integrate with any forklift. The CAN interface is used for example to connect to the fleet management system. Some of the products are equipped with touch-screen panels.

(Photo: Intermec)

"OUR VEHICLE-MOUNT COMPUTERS ARE BUILT to withstand our customers’ most challenging environments – delivering fast, reliable and secure connection to warehouse management systems,” said Earl Thompson from Intermec. The products feature the Vocollect voice capability. The CAN interface is dedicated for fleet management systems. "When combined with our InfoLink fleet management solution, the CV41 and CV61 enable a significantly enhanced Windows interface for the operator at a fraction of the hardware implementation cost," said Jim Gaskell from Crown, a forklift manufacturer. Crown uses it its forklifts several CAN-connectable modules. All on-board sensor data is broadcasted in the CAN in-vehicle network.

“The CV41 and CV61 represent significant enhancements to their vehicle-mount computer and distribution center solutions portfolio. These computers address end-users’ form factor, functionality and management requirements,” said David Krebs from VDC Research.

The CV41 computer comes with a 21,4-cm LED backlit display. It reduces visual obstruction during forklift operations, simplifies installation compared to full-screen devices, and supports an optional brighter outdoor display. The touch-screen and the integrated keyboard are field replaceable. The product features a hybrid powered docking system that reduces maintenance downtime. Powered by an 1,6-GHz Atom processor, the computer is a Vocollect voice-enabled computer running the Windows CE 6.0 operating system. The product comes with the Client Pack host access software, supporting legacy terminal emulation and secure browser applications.

The CV61 provides a 30,7-cm touch-screen and an 1,8-GHz Atom processor. It runs the Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP operating systems. Its IP66-rated housing ensures dust-tight operation and pressure-wash water sealing. The user-swappable solid-state disk storage preserves data integrity even in harsh, high-vibration environments.

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