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Display shows vehicle data

The Motocandis display by Motometer (Germany) is designed to evaluate digital data of a CAN-based motor management system. It provides two local video camera interfaces.

ON THE LOW-REFLECTING MONITOR CAN REPRESENT the data in different formats (from classic round instruments to bar graphs, rows of text, or even control lights). The two camera images can be displayed simultaneously or separately with other information on the 640 x 480 pixel color monitor. The device is configurable by means of a Windows-compatible software. It comes in a plastic housing (203 mm x 162 mm 75 mm), which is resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, and fuels as well as all currently used bio-oils and bio-fuels. The operating temperature is specified as -30°C to +85°C. The two independent CAN interfaces receive messages from the vehicle or machine internal ECUs (electronic control unit). Furthermore, data can be conducted from one network to the other. In a further stage of expansion it will be possible to visualize analogue input signals and to make these available to the CAN networks as digital values. The maximum CAN data rate is 500 kbit/s. The network interfaces are short-circuit protected and are ESD resistant (up to 8 kV). The 6,5-inch display unit is suitable for an operating voltage between 9 V and 32 V. This allows using the devices in a wide range of applications from construction equipment or service-vehicle of all types in municipal or agricultural sectors to stationary motors or operating machines. The display unit features a real-time clock, an integrated distance counter for recording total and daily kilometers, and an operating hours counter. The counter can be addressed over the CAN inputs, and for the distance counter the two CAN lines serve as the signal source.

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