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Touch-screens for railway applications

End of August 2012 Pixy (Switzerland) delivered its INC-90 Screenboard display series for several projects. Beside CANopen, the device has two USB, two Ethernet, Audio, MVB, and optionally EIA-485/-422 interfaces. Additionally, three digital I/Os are provided.

THE TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY IS DESIGNED for standard railway applications such as TCMS (train control and monitoring system), ETCS (European train control system), CTCS (Chinese train control system) and digital video applications. It features a 1,3-GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 GiB of RAM and 4 GiB of Flash memory on-board. Supported operating system is the manufacturer-specific Pixy Linux 2.1. The 10,4-inch display with 62-mm depth weights 3 kg. The fan-less device provides the IP42-protected housing and is IP65-protected at its front.
The manufacturer also provides the CANopen-capable INC-80 (10,4-inch) and INC-81 (12,1-inch) displays designed for processing-intensive graphical and digital video applications. The TFT Screenboards are equipped with a 1,6-GHz Intel Atom processor and can display video streams of up to eight digital MPEG-4/H.264 cameras simultaneously. Further CANopen-capable display offered by the company is the SIP-10 Scalable Instrument Panel featuring a 16-bit micro-controller. The 6,5-inch device is designed for maintenance free, durable use. It operates without a fan, hard disk or battery and is suitable for such TCMS tasks as diagnosis and error message display.
For application programming of the displays, the company offers the PAD (Pixy Application Designer) tool. Communication with the tool is possible via CANopen and further networks. The customized Microsoft WES 2009 operating system (a modular version of the Windows XP Professional) is available for the INC-80 Screenboards.
The electronics company is active in the development and manufacture of visualization systems for the transport industry (rail, air and water traffic). The rail-related devices, train safety and video systems operate in the temperature range from -25 °C to +70 ºC and fulfill the corresponding EMC, shock and vibration test requirements compliant with EN 50155 standard. Over 30000 Screenboards are produced and deployed worldwide since the mid 1990s

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