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Isobus terminals with 128 MiB RAM

Graf-Syteco (Germany) has released a series of Isobus terminals: the IBT57 and the IBT70. Both terminals feature two CAN interfaces according with ISO 11898.

The IBT57 and IBT70

THE TERMINALS OFFER THE POSSIBILITY of being integrated into existing Isobus systems, making other accessory equipment superfluous. The housing features an IP65 protection level and stable functionality in an ambient temperature between -20 °C to +70 °C. System start only takes up to 5 seconds. The displays are available with 5,7 inch VGA-TFT and 640 pixel x 480 pixel, or 7 inch WVGA-TFT with 800 pixel x 480 pixel, respectively. Both displays have a luminance of 400 cd/m2 and a CPU of ARM9 32 bit.
The included memory lies at 128 MiB RAM, 32 MiB Flash, and 8 KiB Fram.

The IB57 features ten control keys and seven navigation buttons, whereas the IBT70 provides a touch display plus seven navigation buttons. Both terminals include a potentiometer and a video port. Apart from the CAN interfaces, the terminals also feature a USB port, an Ethernet interface, and they weigh 1000 g. Additional functions are the measuring of yield and access to valve and sensor functions, as well as diagnostic functions.

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