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Palm-sized PLC with color touch panel and CANopen

The Vision350 by Unitronics (USA) is a palm-sized PLC with an embedded color touch panel. Its 3,5” TFT touchscreen can show over 1024 displays, 6 MiB for images & 512000 for fonts. It’s CANopen capable.

THE PRODUCT SUPPORTS UP TO 512 I/Os via on-board and I/O expansion modules. Also it offers embedded features such as multiple auto-tuned PID loops, and internal 120000 data table for data logging and recipe programming. Communication options include for example CANopen networking plus remote access for data acquisition and program download.
1 MiB ladder code application memory (plus 3 MiB for images and 512000 for fonts) enable the product to run control and automation tasks. The 65,536-color touchscreen HMI enables the display of color-coded operator instructions and red, attention-grabbing alarm screens. It can also display graphs according to historical values—to reflect trends of recorded data. It has more than 1024 user-designed screens, and up to 250 images per application.

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