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PLC with modular touch panels

The Unistream platform by Unitronics (USA) is a combination of dual CPUs (up to 2048 I/Os, over 2 MiB of operand memory), a variety of HMI touch panels, and local and remote I/O installation.

THE PLATFORM SUPPORTS EIA-485, CANopen, UniCAN, both serial and Ethernet Modbus. The platform can also adapt to third-party protocols; USB hosts and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, and barcode readers. It also allows users to download their programs over USB. The platform also features UniApps, an expanding library of value added PLC embedded apps. They give users the ability to reach data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, and debug their system.

Unilogic studio software, the programming environment for hardware configuration, control and HMI, cuts programming time by anticipating programmer’s intentions and reusing written code. It allows the programmer to build a library of user defined function blocks and HMI screens that can be imported into any new project and even shared with others. The platform can be accessed remotely, through PCs, tablets and smartphones via VNC. Technical support and software for the platform are free; this also includes all utilities and updates.

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