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Switch modules with J1939 interface

The switch units by B-Plus (Germany) are modular. They are intended for on-board installation in commercial vehicle.

THE MODULE CONCEPT CONSISTS of a master module that connects directly to the SAE J1939 network. Up to 7 expansion modules can be attached via a module integrated LIN 2.0 master interface. This enables up to 24 conventional switches to be replaced. The individual switches can be equipped with different subactuators, whereby it can be utilized as a push-button or a switch-key. The three rockers are clipped upon the module. The devices are available with or without a custom label. Basically, this modules are equipped with a 4-color status indicator bar between the buttons and a separate lighting of the symbols (on, off, flash). “Wake on CAN” or “Wake on switch” functions are implemented for the operation. The supplier offers a free software component for the Codesys programming environment by 3S (Germany).

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