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Peak System has supported CAN FD from the beginning. The German company was one of the first implementing the improved CAN data link layer in FPGAs. Recently, more CAN FD products have been developed.

The CAN FD/USB dongles come in black housings (Photo: Peak System)

THE CAN FD PROTOCOL HAS SUCCESSFULLY PASSED THE ISO COMMITTEE DRAFT VOTING. Therefore it is time to launch products supporting CAN FD. Peak System has started with the introduction of USB/CAN dongles. The PCAN-USB FD and the PCAN-USB Pro FD provide a single CAN FD port in plastic housing respectively two CAN FD channels plus two LIN interfaces in an aluminum enclosure. Both products are compliant with USB 2.0 ensuring a lower latency than on USB 1.1 communication. Still, they are compatible to USB 1.1 and also to USB 3.0 and can be operated on the corresponding ports. Driver software will be available for Windows (8.1 down to Vista) and is already available for Linux.

Together with the CAN FD dongles, the PCAN-View monitoring software for Windows will be released as version 4. It can handle CAN FD traffic with up to 64 byte per data frame. The PCAN-Basic application-programming interface (API) is elevated to CAN FD level, too. The version for Windows will be available first, followed by an API for Linux.

The PCAN-Explorer bus-monitoring tool with symbolic view of messages is undergoing a major overhaul. The tool supporting VBScript is going to interpret CAN FD frames. Other improvements include container files for project management. The improved version 6 will be released in 2015.

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