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Software drivers for CAN cards

Software developer Intervalzero and Janz Tec have announced a technology partnership: Janz Tec develops Intervalzero RTX64 2014 drivers for their CAN card solutions.

INTERVALZERO' SMP‐ENABLED RTX64 2014 hard real‐time software is a key component of the RTOS Platform that comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, the Microsoft Windows operating system, and real‐time Ethernet capabilities.

RTX64 2014, which was released in September 2014, includes an additional monitoring infrastructure and improved debugging capabilities. The system’s real‐time subsystem (RTSS) has also a monitoring infrastructure that allows developers to profile the behavior of RTSS applications across all RTSS processors. Additionally, the product’s WinDbg extension extends Microsoft's 64‐bit version of WinDbg and provides a way to analyze and interpret the state of RTSS processes and the subsystem.

The initial release of RTX64 in early 2013 marked the introduction of a native 64‐bit extension of the Windows operating system. According to the US‐headquartered Intervalzero, the company is the only vendor to deliver SMP RTOS capabilities on Windows. “Over the course of two years we developed RTX64 from the ground up to dovetail specifically with Windows 64‐bit OS and it represents a remarkable achievement by our engineering team. RTX64 2014 builds significantly on that work and it is an even more powerful and more valuable product for our worldwide customers,” said CEO Jeffrey Hibbard.

RTX64 architecture diagram (Photo: Intervalzero)

Real‐time applications running on 64‐bit Windows with RTX64 2014 can access 128 GiB of non‐paged memory, depending on actual mapped physical RAM size. By comparison, 32‐bit Windows 7 has a non‐paged memory limitation of 2 GiB. Overall, 64‐bit Windows’ 512 GiB of physical memory dwarfs the 4 GiB physical memory limitation in 32‐bit Windows.

“The value of increased, directly accessible real‐time memory within Windows, and the resulting superior performance distinguishes RTX64 from virtualization alternatives and 32‐bit based RTOS solutions,” Hibbard said. “This changes the economics of Industrial Automation equipment because all the proprietary real‐time hardware can be replaced by software applications that run on x86 cores. This means that new functionality such as machine vision can be implemented at a fraction of the cost that was required before, and both quality and throughput can increase as well.”

Janz Tec will develop an RTX device driver which is suitable for all of the German company’s passive CAN interface cards as well as for all CAN interfaces available on the Embedded PC systems in the emPC product family. That makes the emPC systems a suitable platform to using the RTX64 real‐time environment together with the RTX device driver.

Furthermore Emtas (Germany), which has been a Janz Tec partner company for several years and an Intervalzero technology partner as well, has adapted their CANopen protocol stack to the Janz Tec RTX device driver API. Customers can get a real‐time capable CANopen platform, master as well as slave, by combining these products.

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