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Interface module

CAN FD support on all channels

The ES523 CAN FD interface module from Etas was designed to calibrate ECUs. It also captures measurement data from ECUs and their environment.

The product provides a device wake-up functionvia two CAN channels (Photo: Etas)

THE INTERFACE MODULE PROVIDES FOUR CAN AND THREE ETHERNET CONNECTIONS and supports the ISO CAN FD and Non-ISO CAN FD protocol on all CAN channels. The product synchronizes all signals that are measured over the CAN and Ethernet channels. This makes the module suited to the task of capturing signals transmitted in short time frames from an ECU via Ethernet through an XETK interface synchronously with CAN and CAN FD signals. In addition to ECUs and vehicle buses, the Ethernet measurement modules of the ETAS ES400 and ES600 product families can be connected to the interface module. The measurement modules are then powered via connections built into the Ethernet connectors.

The ES523 module is supported by Inca, the Etas tool for measuring and ECU calibration from version 7.1.7 onward, and the Inca ODX-Link and ODX-Flash add-ons for ECU diagnostics and flash programming from version 1.5.7 onward. In conjunction with the Busmaster open-source software tool, the ES523 module can be used to simulate, analyze, and test CAN FD networks. In addition, the Hardware Service Pack (HSP) by the company supplies firmware updates from version 10.7.0 onward.

The EBI-IP software package from the company enables users to integrate ECU and bus interfaces with third-party applications. The package is available for free from the download center on Etas’ website.

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