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PCI Express cards

Compact CAN FD interfaces

Kvaser has announced single and dual CAN channel versions of the PCI-E-CAN version 2. These high speed network cards add CAN and CAN FD to any computer board with PCI Express capability.

The cards implement CAN IP in an FPGA (Photo: Kvaser)

At 86 mm x 69 mm, the PCI-E-CAN HS version 2 (00866-3) and PCI-E-CAN 2xHS version 2 (00861-8) have smaller form factors and lower profiles than the former PCI-E-CANs. Available immediately, they ship with low and high profile PC brackets.

Both versions are integrated high speed CAN cards that add a single or two high speed (ISO 11898-2) CAN channels to any standard computer board with PCI Express capability. Offering silent mode, error frame detection/generation, and an on-board buffer, these add-on boards fit many embedded data acquisition systems and are CAN FD compliant.

With high speed CAN (ISO 11898-2) up to 1 Mbit/s and support for CAN FD up to 8 Mbit/s (with proper physical layer implementation), the cards are compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000, and Devicenet. The CAN drivers are galvanically isolated.


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