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Various CAN products

Intelligent Systems / Altran (France) offers a complete range of products to support design, development, and validation of connected systems. In these products CAN is a hot topic.

Although some of the offered products can be used in different ways, it is possible to categorize the products in three different families:

  • Products for fast-prototyping and or hardware-in-the-loop: MUXlab4 or MUXLab2 with MUXLink
  • Products that enable PC-to-network connectivity as well as the tools used to assist systems development and validation: MUXy light , MUXy Box2, PCI CAN cards, Traminator CAN, and MUXy 2010
  • Test and measurements products that can be embedded in the system (vehicle or other): MUXlog R, BI-CAN I/O gateway, and MUXtester
The MUXlab4 and MUXlab2 (Photo: Altran)

Fast-prototyping / Hardware-in-the-loop

MUXlab4 or MUXlab2 with MUXlink provide hardware and software solutions used to activate embedded applications for real-time computing systems based on Simulink and Stateflow. MUXlink provides the kits of tools needed to operate all the resources in the user’s Simulink models that are available in the MUXlab4 hardware base (I/O, memory, CAN, and LIN) and to distribute the functions in the different real-time tasks. Automatic codes are generated by Simulink Coder (formerly Real Time Workshop) and executed in RAM or Flash. The compilation and link processes are integrated into the Simulink environment and a USB interface enables application download. MUXLink is a Software library that supports Muxlab4 and Muxlab2 products. It includes a toolbox facilitating the use within Simulink models of all MUXlab4 platform resources (I/O, memory, CAN, LIN) and allows the distribution of various functions throughout the real-time tasks. The automatic code generation is provided by Simulink Coder, to be used in RAM or Flash memory. Compilation and links are fully integrated with Simulink environment.

PC-to-network connectivity

MUXy light is an interface which connects a PC to a CAN network via a USB link. The embedded software manages CAN frame segmentation and flow control in accordance with the ISO 15765 standard. MUXy Box2 is an interface which can link a PC to one or several multiplexed bus, via an USB link. All critical temporal constraints related to the emulation of diagnostic protocols in K, CAN, or LIN are supported by the embedded micro-controller, thus relieving the PC time management. The embedded software manages CAN frame segmentation and flow control in accordance with the ISO 15765 standard. CAN cards for PC enable the connection of CAN to systems equipped with PCI buses. These cards are available with or without galvanic isolation and are supplied with software interfaces for Windows. The CAN Traminator is a CAN computer validation tool used to generate interference, such as line opening, earthing, error-frame transmission, and bit destruction, that is controlled on CAN. MUXy 2010 lets users connect a PC directly to the OBD diagnostic connector of a multiplexed vehicle via the USB link. It manages three high-speed CAN channels (one of which interchangeable with a low-speed channel), one K channel, one 2.1 fixed LIN channel (functioning as a master or slave), and two 2.1 master LIN or K channels and can be used to: download the ECU’s firmware/software from within the vehicle via the BSI switched CAN and to carry out diagnostics testing via channels K, CAN (Diag on CAN), and LIN (Diag on LIN).

The MUXy light, MUXy Box2, CAN card, CAN Traminator, and MUXy 2010 from left to right (Photo: Altran)

Test and measurement products

MUXlog R is a tool for data logging the activity of CAN and LIN vehicle buses. It can be pre-programmed to trigger a sequence of network and/or external events and features an internal clock, a high-speed CAN activated wake function and a controlled power output. The Bi-CAN I/O gateway lets users convert wire signals into CAN frames, control actuators from CAN frames, establish a gateway between two CAN networks (typically 250 KiB and 500 KiB), as well as generate analog voltages from CAN signals. MUXtester is a hand held tool designed for full diagnostic measurement on CAN High Speed and CAN Low Speed networks. It is a tool for use on-site and can be used by non-specialists of multiplex technologies to check physical and software signals. It can check the integrity of cable beams for the embedded cable network. It provides a diagnosis support in case of failure like a multimeter. It can also visualize and check the conformity of the messages on the network by using a database downloaded by USB in the tool.

The MUXlog R, BI-CAN I/O gateway, and MUXtester (Photo: Altran)

Intelligent systems is the name for embedded and real-time systems that are connected, with processing power and performing complex applications. Their pervasiveness is reshaping the real world across all industries and how consumers interact with their digital life. Intelligent Systems / Altran is Altran’s dedicated organization offering packaged solutions to clients in all industries, helping them create new business opportunities and new experiences for their users in applications areas such as autonomous systems, smart phones, smart meters, medical devices, connected cars, advanced air traffic control, and smart sensors, says the company.


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