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PC/CAN interfaces

CAN FD for whole interface portfolio

Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces allow PC applications to access CAN networks with a variety of different PC interface standards. All of the company’s CAN interfaces are now available with CAN FD.

The CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini is one of the interfaces available with CAN FD (Photo: Ixxat)

Ixxat CAN interfaces are – dependent on the variant – modularly designed and can be equipped with up to four CAN high-speed channels. They can also be used for automotive applications with CAN low-speed and LIN channels. For fast networks, all CAN interfaces are also available with up to two CAN FD channels with a bit-rate up to 15 Mbit/s.

The PC interfaces are available in passive or active variants with on-board controllers. Active PC interfaces allow usage within applications with high demands on data pre-processing, such as high-precision time stamps or active filtering messages to be sent or received directly on the interface. The user can select the PC/CAN interface that suits their application, performance requirements, or unit costs.

In addition to custom applications, the CAN interfaces are also basis for Ixxat’s tool chain consisting of analysis and configuration tools, as well as configuration software from a variety of equipment manufacturers. For use of the interfaces under Linux and in real-time environments, HMS provides the universal “Embedded Communication Interface” driver. For use of the CAN interfaces under CANopen and J1939, HMS Offers driver APIs that provide all protocol-specific functions.


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