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CAN module runs at 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s

EM Trust (Germany) offers the EM Module product series. The CAN-based MCAN is part of it. A Raspberry Pi Zero can be equipped with a CAN interface by this module.

The CAN module supports 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers (Photo: EM Trust)

The EM Module product series comprises a variety of functions that can be attached via USB interface to existing PC systems. The series is equipped with different features like serial interfaces, wireless options, or digital I/O ports. It is designed for industrial automation, control engineering, medical electronics, and building automation.

Part of the series is the MCAN CAN module. It was designed for reliable networking to control different devices and sensor units. The product comes with an USB-to-CAN adapter. The CAN ports are available at the 9-pin Dsub connector. The USB interface complies with version 2.0. The product is specified for an operating temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C, measures 93 mm x 38,5 mm x 26,6 mm, weighs 40 g, and works with Windows 7 (other operating systems on request). The module can be used to equip a Raspberry Pi Zero with a CAN interface.


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