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CAN FD adapter

For dirty application areas

After the PCAN-USB X6 with D-Sub connectors, Peak-System brings an updated version of the CAN FD adapter on the market and reacts to the growing demand for circular connectors.

(Photo: Peak-System)

The PCAN-USB X6 with M12 circular connectors is the company's first CAN FD interface for use in harsh environments. The housing as well as the connections correspond to the increased protection class IP64 and are thus protected against contact, dust, and splash water. This allows the adapter to withstand the harsh requirements for use in heavy commercial vehicles such as agricultural and construction machinery or in industrial plants. In addition, each CAN FD channel of the M12 version is equipped with a galvanic decoupling up to 300 V. A version of the PCAN-USB X6 with DE-Sub connectors and galvanic decoupling can also be purchased from now on. The product is based on the company’s own CAN FD controller implemented in an FPGA, which provides some special additional features. The company participated with this implementation several times in CAN FD plugfests organized by CiA in Germany and USA.


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