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PCI Express Full-Mini card

Provides two CAN FD interfaces

ESD (Germany) has extended its 402 series of CAN interface boards. The PCIeMini card features two CAN FD ports available at 9-pin D-sub connectors.

The board is based on the company’s esdACC CAN core (Photo: ESD)

Due to its compact design, the CAN interface board can be used in notebooks, laptops, MiniPCs, and hat-rail mounted PCs as well as embedded systems without the need for an external USB or Ethernet connection. The CAN-PCIeMini/402-2 is an add-in PCI Express Full-Mini card that features two electrically isolated CAN FD interfaces with an on-board network termination. It is based on the provider’s Advanced CAN Core technology (esdACC). This FPGA supports bus mastering (first-party DMA) to transfer data to the host memory. This results in a reduction of overall latency on servicing I/O transactions in particular at higher data rates and reduces host CPU load.

Due to the usage of MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts) the host interface board can be operated for example in Hypervisor environments. It provides a 64-bit hardware timestamps for CAN messages. Driver software for Windows and Linux comes with the product as well as the company’s CAN Tools, which can be downloaded free-of-charge.


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