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Mini PCI express boards

For real-time Classical CAN and CAN FD

Kvaser announced a single-channel and a dual-channel Mini PCI Express interface boards with low latency designed for real-time environments.

(Photo: Kvaser)

The two single- and dual-channel interfaces communicate with the PC over the PCI Express system bus, allowing for real-time performance and 1 µs time-stamping. They support both Classical CAN and CAN FD and measure 30 mm x 51 mm.

The Mini PCI Express HS v2 version provides a real-time CAN interface that adds one high speed Classical CAN or CAN FD channel to any standard computer with mini PCI Express capability while the version Mini PCI Express 2xHS v2 adds two high speed CAN or CAN FD channels. PC communication is over the PCI Express system bus, making for low latency with a time stamp accuracy of 1 µs.

Kvaser's already-existing Kvaser Mini PCI Express HS and Kvaser Mini PCI Express 2xHS products will remain available for sale. The primary difference is that these previous versions utilize the USB system bus for communication with the PC.


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