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CAN, LIN, and USB interface unit

For residual bus simulation

BFFT (Germany) has developed the CANmicro2 interface module. On the connected PC, the user can run test and simulation software.

The shown interface module features several I/O ports and can be connected to add-on WLAN or Bluetooth modules, for example (Photo: BFFT)

The provided interface module comes with three CAN interfaces and two LIN ports. For the communication with a PC, it is equipped with a USB interface. Additional connectivity includes EIA-232 and SPI as well as seven discrete input lines and six outputs. The product is designed for residual bus simulation, message routing, and control functions in vehicles and test stations. It is connectable to additional modules providing WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, for example. The company offers also a display add-on module.

In addition to residual bus simulations, project-specific software can be integrated and updated by the user via the CAN or USB interfaces. The optional LUA script extension facilitates the flexible adaptation of filtering, routing, and simulation by the customer. Both hardware and basic software are designed for application scenarios in the vehicle (including quiescent current management via CAN and extended input voltage range).

The product comes in a robust housing measuring 55 mm x 25 mm x 67 mm. It is suitable for temperature ranges from -20 °C to +85 °C. Since 2013, the manufacturer belongs to the EDAG group. Originally, the company was established in 1998.


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