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Development board

Supports Arduino connectivity

ST Microelectronics provides the Nucleo-144 boards featuring an STM32 micro-controller in an LQFP144 package. The board’s Zio connector enables connection to Arduino Uno V3.

The Nucleo-144 is not equipped with CAN transceiver chips (Photo: ST Microelectronics)

The development board does not require any separate probe as it integrates the Link/V2-1 debugger/programmer. It comes with Ethernet and USB connectors. The board is not equipped with CAN transceiver, although the STM32 micro-controller implements CAN FD on-chip modules. Therefore an external module with CAN transceiver and appropriate connector (e.g. 9-pin Dsub with CiA 303-1 pinning) is needed.

The product features an Arduino Uno connector. The Zio connector provides an access to a broad range of peripherals. The Morpho connector gives access to all MCU pins including the CAN FD module (RX/TX). The board comes with STM32 software libraries and examples included in the STM32Cube package. Several third-party software products are available for the development board. This includes software by IAR, Keil, ARM-mbed online, etc.


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