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CAN FD board

For PCIe sockets

In addition to the CAN-PMC/FD, Janz Tec is expanding its portfolio to include the CAN-PCIe/FD, which is available with up to four CAN FD channels. Supported operating systems include various Linux versions as well as Windows 7 and 10.

The product comes with a 400-MHz Xilinx Zynq XC7Z015 CPU and a 512-MiB DDR3 (Photo: Janz Tec)

The launched CAN FD board is suitable for PCI Express sockets. It makes it possible to connect embedded systems to as many as four CAN FD networks. A feature, which sets the CAN-PCIe/FD apart, is its guaranteed data transfer rate of up to 8 Mbit/s. This makes it possible, for example, to distribute updates to control devices more quickly. With an expanded operating temperature range from 0 °C to +70 °C, the board is optimized for the industrial environment and can be used in a broad range of applications.

The board has two independent CAN FD channels on the 9-pin D-sub connector, which can be supplemented by up to two additional CAN FD-expandable interfaces via transceiver modules. CAN FD can also be used flexibly. Applications range from automotive applications with higher data rates, to testing and development tasks and simulations and monitoring, to the use in future-orientated, autonomous vehicles. The product measures 99,8 mm x 88,3 mm.


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