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CompactPCI board

Featuring up to 16 CAN FD ports

EKF (Germany) has launched the SF2-Candy quad PCI Express Mini card carrier board. It can be equipped with four PCIe‑based modules providing four CAN FD channels each.

The shown PCIe module provides up to four CAN FD interface (Photo: EKF)

The CAN FD interfaces of the SF2-1080-Candy modules provide up to four CAN FD ports. The CAN FD interfaces are available at 25-pin or 50‑pin D-sub connectors. Each CAN FD port is individually galvanic isolated. The CAN FD controller is based on an FPGA implementation similar to NXP’s SJA1000 stand‑alone controller. Each CAN FD channel is galvanic isolated (up to 300 V). Software drivers for Linux and Windows are available.

The SF2-Candy carrier board is equipped with an on-board Gen2 PCI Express packet switch, and can be installed into any peripheral slot of a CompactPCI Serial backplane. The single size Eurocard measures 100 mm x 160 mm. The PCI Express interface features a 5‑Gbit/s upstream function. The products are also available with Classical CAN interfaces addresses test equipment for vehicles, industrial automation, and medical systems.


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